Saturday, May 9, 2009

Instrumental songs by Ilayaraja

001- Elamaiennum.mp3    -  Download  
002- Eramana Rojave.mp3 -   Download 
003- Izhaya Nila.mp3 -   Download 
004-Kanne Kalaimane.mp3             -   Download 
005-Poonkathave.mp3 -   Download 
006- Poongatru.mp3 -   Download 
007- Raja Raja Chozhan.mp3 -   Download
008-Ramanin.mp3 -   Download 
009-Senthurapoove.mp3 -   Download 
010-Thalaatuthe  Vaanam.mp3 -   Download 
011-Vaa Vennila.mp3 -   Download 
012-Vanuyarntha Solayile.mp3 -   Download 
015-Panivizhum Iravil.mp3  -   Download 
016-Thendral Vanthu.mp3 -   Download 
017-Thohai Izhamayil.mp3 -   Download 
018-Panniril Nanaintha.mp3 -   Download 
019-Mantram Vantha.mp3 -   Download 
020-Malaiyoram Veesum.mp3  -   Download 
021- Idhayam Oru Kovil.mp3 -   Download 
022-Senthazhampoovil.mp3 -   Download 
023-Anthi Mazhai.mp3 -   Download 
024-Thene Thenpandi.mp3 -   Download 
025-Aayiram Malargale.mp3 -   Download 
026-Amma Entrazhaikkatha.mp3 -   Download 
027- En KAnmani.mp3 -   Download 
028-Enthan Nenjil.mp3 -   Download 
029-Illayanila.mp3 -   Download 
030-Inchi Iduppazhaga.mp3 -   Download 
031-Innum Ennai Enna.mp3 -   Download 
032-Intha Poovilum.mp3   -   Download 
033-Kannan Vanthu.mp3 -   Download 
034- Kovil Maniyosai.mp3 -   Download 
035-Matchanai Patheengala.mp3 -   Download 
036-Nilavu Thoongum.mp3 -   Download 
037-Oorusanam.mp3 -   Download 
038-Orey Naal.mp3 -   Download 
039-Oru Iniya Manathu.mp3 -   Download 
040-Naan Pesa Vanthen.mp3   -   Download 
042-Sangeetha Megam.mp3 -   Download 
043-Vasantha Kala Kolangal.mp3 -   Download 
044-Kathodu Poo Urasa.mp3 -   Download 
045-Kodaikala.mp3 -   Download 
046-Kodiyelae.mp3 -   Download 
047-Aasaya Kathulla.mp3 -   Download 
051-Pesakudadhu.mp3 -   Download 
052-Santhana Kattre.mp3 -   Download 
053-Sundari.mp3 -   Download 
054-Vizhiyilae.mp3 -   Download 
056-Ponmalai.mp3 -   Download 
057-Poove Sempoove.mp3 -   Download 
058-Paruvame.mp3 -   Download 
059-Yedho Ninaivukal.mp3 -   Download 
060-Allithantha.mp3 -   Download 
061-Putham Pudu.mp3 -   Download 
063-Then Madurai.mp3 -   Download 
064-Vaanavilley.mp3 -   Download 
066-Ilaya Nila.mp3 -   Download 
067-Idhayam.mp3 -   Download 
068-Malayoram.mp3 -   Download 
069-Mandram.mp3 -   Download 
070-Nilavu.mp3 -   Download
071-Pani Vizhum.mp3 -   Download 
072-Sangeetha.mp3 -   Download 
073-Vaa Vennila.mp3 -   Download 
074-En Iniya Pon.mp3 -   Download
075-Paadava.mp3 -   Download 
076-Pooma.mp3 -   Download 
077-Akkarai.mp3 -   Download 
078-Yetho.mp3 -   Download 
079-Pothivacha.mp3 -   Download 
080-Keladi.mp3 -   Download 
081-Madai Thirandhu.mp3 -   Download 
082-Naan Thedum.mp3 -   Download 
083-Andha Nilavathan.mp3 -   Download 
084-Poonkattru.mp3 -   Download 
091-Pachamala Poovu.mp3 -   Download 
092-Raathiriyil.mp3 -   Download 
093-Vaanilae.mp3 -   Download 
094-Enna Satham.mp3 -   Download 
095-Chithirame.mp3 -   Download


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  2. thank you so much. do you have etho thagam? from kozhi koovuthu?

  3. i cant download it...please help me i need this

  4. Lovely! Thank you SO much!! :)

  5. cool thanks friend! can u give 1 ZIP File of this mp3's?

  6. hey how to download this mp3... when i click download button i getting something like file factory......

  7. 31mar1973@gmail.comApril 22, 2010 at 2:53 AM

    Good Collection . I have SomeMore DO you required

    1. Oh yaa ! Can u upload through and share d linK??????

  8. how to download............. plz........

  9. Can anyone post ival oru ilanguruvi ( Song from brahma)Instrumental , Please send the download link to my gmail id

  10. i am so proud of Illayaraja good music and bloody damn good..instrumentals make it so much more timeless..

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  12. I Like Instrumental Music Very Much.

  13. Really an excellent collections thanks fro sharing

  14. good songs . keep on sharing and thanks.....

  15. Excellent, Thank you very much for uploading these tunes, Great Job

  16. Very good collection. but don't know how to dowload. please help me to download or send me the link. thank you

  17. Can I download all the files in one single time or should I download each file..?